Data is the Most Valuable Resource. Secure Yours.

Ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information is of vital importance for both the public and the private sector.

Encrypted Communications Across the Board

We provide encrypted mobile solutions that secure the data of government and centralized organizations, as well as private enterprises.

Government Agencies

Governments handle information of national security importance, as well as the personal data of citizens. Securing it is an absolute must.

Security & Defence

Ensuring the safety of people and property requires secure and reliable communications that rule out interception by third-parties.

Political Parties

Breaches in political campaigns can lead to meddling in the democratic process. Encrypted communications can hamper such attempts.

Energy Industry

Data leaks in the energy and drilling sector can affect commodity prices and take down markets and economies. Securing communications is a must.


R&D data is one of the pharmaceutical industry’s most highly valued assets. Ensuring it is transported securely is absolutely imperative.

Finance & Banking

Using reliable authentication processes is crucial for preventing financial fraud. Our encrypted communication apps provide just that.

Private Enterprises

Reliance on third parties creates a risk vector for corporate communications. We allow companies to run encrypted services independently.


You don’t have to be a multinational corporation to need security. Our solutions can secure businesses of any size against cybercrime.